At Grave's End (Night Huntress, #3)

4228 stars
Jeaniene Frost

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Title At Grave's End (Night Huntress, #3)
Rating 4228 stars
Author Jeaniene Frost
Pages N/A
Isbn 1441768998
Review 2.5 stars. Slightly better than One Foot in the Grave, but not good enough.

Like One Foot, incidents in this book are strung together with little thread. They go here, they go there, they kill someone, someone tries to kill Cat, someone tries to kill Bones, they go somewhere else, they shuffle Cat's friends & family between safehouses, they go another place, they kill someone else. Absurdly complicated plots were brainstormed for seemingly needless reasons (usually revolving around Cat's safety). Eventually I gave up trying to figure why things were happening -- I just wanted to close the book with a sense of completion. This one, at least, had more interesting side characters. Mencheres is a blessedly sedate personality in Ms Frost's sea of frothing extroverts. I also liked Vlad, but I liked Ian even more. Ian is my kind of anti-hero -- snarky, moody, proud, & badass. You don't know if he's going to snuggle, make a smart remark, or rip your head off -- and that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, the handwriting is on the wall.

Cat & Bones are well on their way to being The Awesomest People Ever. Clearly they're being established as the sexiest, smartest, most devoted, most capable, most deadly, most powerful, & most envied couple in the universe. They are the ultimate Mary Sue & Gary Stu -- a pairing all the more perfect because they lurve each other so much.


In Book 2, Bones displayed some abilities we hadn't seen before. Now Bones has collected MORE power -- an upgrade in every possible sense, including a really dreadful pulled-from-the-ass excuse for dying enough to fool the villain, yet Not Dying & walking through the front door before Cat went batshit insane without his steadying influence. (My eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets.) Cat's powermassing, meanwhile, is a less tangible variety. Not only is she desired by almost every male character, but she's the equivalent of all but the most powerful Master Vamps. While Bones' perfection is somewhat tempered by his personality, Cat isn't so fortunate. She's rude. She has no social grace. She swears, blurts her opinions, & throws fits whenever anyone tries to protect her. (How dare they!) She claims to have a best friend, but we never see them interact. She's trying to make amends with her mother, yet Justina disappears for long stretches of narrative. It seems the author has decided she can't have a softer personality outside of lovey-dovey scenes with Bones.

As for thanks. He's supposed to be some military-bred macho man, yet he's reduced to a mewling mass of fanboy worship whenever Cat walks into the room. Urgh. (Speaking of which...the supposed Bones/Cat/Tate love triangle is one of the weakest I've ever read. There ain't no way he'll come out a winner, & the dreaded triangle only works if both parties have equal chance to get the girl.)

So, yes...not as bad as #2, but not enough for me to continue with the series. (Sorry, Ian.)


Life should be great for Cat Crawfield, with her undead lover Bones by her side, a great job kicking the undead’s butt and friends whom have her back, but when Cat and Bones are force to stop an all out vampire war they’re in for a the fight of their lives...

The more I read The Night Huntress series the more I can’t help but fall in love with all of the characters and the world Frost has built. Some series suffer as they go along, but Frost doesn’t disappoint At Grave’s End with non-stop action and the relationship between Cat and Bones still growing as a war is raging in the shadows.

Cat and Bones still shine bright keeping their wits and humor about them as they face some major bumps in their ever changing and growing relationship. Their still awesome as you start to see even more sides to Cat and Bones.

This book packed a major punch with non-stop action from page one, almost reading like a Hong Kong film with silver flying everywhere.
With the action taking place it also gave secondary characters a more three dimensional feeling making me a happy fangirl with more Spade air time, but also made me take notice of Tate whom still dealing with his one-sided love. Plus the rest of the cast and even a surprising new character that may make your eyes roll at him being so passe, but you really start to like him quickly and his quirky humor.

While the action fast pace kept you reading, this forced romance to take a vacation, which was an overall bummer for me as that’s what really draws me to the Night Huntress series is the romance between Cat and Bones. The love scenes between them were hot and fast and very short and not as sexy not holding a candle to the earlier books of the series. I would have liked more between Bones and Cat, but this book felt at times to much of a filler giving the relationship a standstill feeling. Plus the ending was left open for the other books that follow and was kinda sad... But it did give a chance for Frost to build her other characters so in the end it was a win-win for the readers.

Overall: even with the lack of romance (for me) this action filled book will have you reading this winner and amazing addition to the series till the very end.

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